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Welcome to the Pear Lake wilderness cabins!



Located on scenic Pear Lake, this area is 48 kilometers from Kelowna, B.C..  

The Pear Lake facility boasts a warm insulated cabin with a large covered porch.

The cabin has a maximum sleeping capacity of 14 people.  It is heated with an air tight wood heater and has a wood cook range.  The cabin has a limited amount of dishes and cookiing equipment.  There is a good supply of wood in the wood shed for Cabin use ONLY.

Summer access is by vehicle and winter access is by foot or snowmobile.  

Water supply is from the lake and must be boiled, treated or filtered.

If you think this facility may be right for your next adventure, please contact us.

Pear Lake Photos:

wpe5C.jpg (46277 bytes)  IT really is a beautiful cabin and just as soon as we get the photo releases for the youth standing on the covered porch, we'll be happy to show it to you!! Check back soon.

(we are sorely lacking in photos of this site.  If you or your group has any Pear Lake photos you would like to share, please contact us.  Thankyou.)





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